do we really know?

The question „Do we really know?“ leads to a very big topic. Do we know how things will be one day? Will our fears and anxieties come true, or could things turn out quite differently? How do we know that we are making the right decision about life or death? What if we have made the wrong decision? How do we deal with this responsibility? Who decides what life is right and worth living, which one has a future and which one does not? The mother? The father? The parents? Medicine? Fate? God? Is there a destiny for every human being? Or is it all just a game of chance? All six women in our film had to face these questions. For whatever reason, their children were born. Their stories are very different. Some became great, some others were rather difficult. But they were all a great gift to our world. Who would have thought that? What do you think about that?

change of plans?

What if your world is suddenly turned upside down? When your plans are thwarted and you no longer know which way is up and which way is down? When you become a father, even though you’re not ready for it? If you become a mother, even though it doesn’t fit into your career at all? What if if your plans were not the measure of all things? What if „different“ wasn’t wrong, but simply „unexpected“? If you could be open to this „childhood surprise“ that has come your way? What if you realized at some point that this change of plan was the best thing that could have happened to you? „Children are the only guaranteed happy surprise life has to offer,“ says actor Jack Nicholson. What if he was right?


Many couples experience an unplanned pregnancy as a crisis. For women to actually have a choice, they need an environment that offers them more than abortion. An unexpected pregnancy is a major break in life planning, but it is not the end of life. Even with a child it is possible to complete an education or continue with other projects. Counseling centers and social services answer questions and provide support in the search for individual paths and solutions.

a disabled child?

When traveling by airplane, complications can cause us to disembark in a different country than we had planned. It is very similar for parents who find out that they are expecting a disabled child. Adjusting to this new destination is a challenge challenge, which in many cases is associated with deep fears and uncertainties. Local guides and a „travel guide for the new destination the new destination“ provide security and open up new perspectives. The „new territory of a disabled child“ is not only difficult or stressful, but can also be can also be „wonderfully different“.

a personal word of the producer

The trigger for this film was a slogan that was shouted at me at a demonstration: “If maria had had an abortion, we wouldn’t have to deal with you!” That made me think. Yes, what would we miss if..? My third son Fabrice is no Leonardo Da Vinci, and he will never achieve great intellectual achievments like Stephen Hawking. Fabrice has the down syndrome. He can’t do math and only writes scribbly and incorrectly. We pracitce a lot with him in small and sometimes very tiring steps. But he is alive. And how he is! I could never have imagined that my life my life would change so dramatically. As a practicing christian, I didn’t even have to ask myself whether I would accept a disabled child or not. I myself grew up in my first three years of my life parentless in childrens home. And yet I am grateful that my mother chose life! Since then, my wife and my two other sons have learned incredible lessons from Fabrice. He has opened our eyes to what is special and different. He radiates emotions with great intensity. He is stubborn, funny, very sensitive and often has his own views. I wouldn’t want to miss him for a single day! I don’t condemn any woman who has had an abortion. Every story is different. But I also mourn every life that was not allowed to be.