a personal word of the producer

The trigger for this film was a slogan that was shouted at me at a demonstration: “If maria had had an abortion, we wouldn’t have to deal with you!” That made me think. Yes, what would we miss if..? My third son Fabrice is no Leonardo Da Vinci, and he will never achieve great intellectual achievments like Stephen Hawking. Fabrice has the down syndrome. He can’t do math and only writes scribbly and incorrectly. We pracitce a lot with him in small and sometimes very tiring steps. But he is alive. And how he is! I could never have imagined that my life my life would change so dramatically. As a practicing christian, I didn’t even have to ask myself whether I would accept a disabled child or not. I myself grew up in my first three years of my life parentless in childrens home. And yet I am grateful that my mother chose life! Since then, my wife and my two other sons have learned incredible lessons from Fabrice. He has opened our eyes to what is special and different. He radiates emotions with great intensity. He is stubborn, funny, very sensitive and often has his own views. I wouldn’t want to miss him for a single day! I don’t condemn any woman who has had an abortion. Every story is different. But I also mourn every life that was not allowed to be.