Steve Jobs

Life story

Steve was given up for adoption by his parents at birth in 1955. He grew up with Paul and Clara Jobs in San Francisco together with a younger adopted sister, Patty, in Silicon Valley. He was fascinated by electronics from an early age. He dropped out of university in 1973 and worked for the electronics company Atari. In 1976, he founded Apple together with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. In 1984, they presented the first „Macintosh“ computer. In the following years, Apple became the market leader in the computer industry with its own production philosophy and made Jobs a billionaire. In 1991 he married Laurene Powell. Jobs has four children. Three with Laurene, plus his first (illegitimate) daughter Lisa, whom he only acknowledged very late in life. Steve died of cancer in 2011, leaving behind a computer empire.

His approach to his history

Although he found out about his adoption at an early age – which was a shock for him – he did not feel abandoned.His adoptive parents were able to give him a sense of home and family.He always thought he was special.And Paul and Clara Jobs had given him this feeling.He later found his biological father thanks to a tip from his half-sister Mona and visited the café where Abdullfatah worked.He did not identify himself and was not very enthusiastic about these anonymous encounters.As a businessman, Steve was obsessed with perfection and control.For many of his companions, he was a difficult contemporary who was not characterized by empathy.He tried to fill his inner emptiness through Buddhism.