Marilyn Monroe

Life story

Marilyn grew up 12 days after her birth and spent the first few years in the care of the religious Bolender couple as a foster child.In 1934, she became a social orphan and gained an enthusiasm for film through the care of Grace Mc Kee.After another stay in an orphanage, she experienced sexual abuse in her mother’s home.She spent some good years with Ana Lower, a widow and relative.At the age of sixteen, she married to get away from the orphanage.A photographer discovered her as an attractive worker in a munitions factory.In order to get a film contract, she divorced in 1946. Her meteoric rise to film and sex symbol began in 1949. She was married three times. She died in 1962 at the age of 36, presumably from a drug overdose.

Her approach to her history

For many years, she spread the rumor that she was the illegitimate daughter of actor Clark Gable.The countless changes of caregivers, especially due to her mentally ill mother, made Marilyn feel homeless inside.She was terrified of mental illness, as was the case in her family.That is why she attended psychiatric counseling for many years.Although she was one of the most sought-after women of her time – and was marketed as such – inside she remained the lonely little insecure child who longed for real love.She swallowed countless medications.If her mentally ill mother had given her permission to be adopted by the Bolenders, Marilyn might have been spared a lot.