Jesus Christ

Life story

Jesus – Hebrew: Yeshua – was born in the year 0 or -4 depending on the calendar (this is where the Christian calendar begins) in Beth-Lehem in modern-day Israel.His parents fled with him to Egypt when the then King Herod learned that the Messiah (Redeemer) of Israel had been born and consequently had all male children murdered.After the tyrant’s death, Yeshua returned with his family and lived in Nazareth.He grew up with at least five halfsiblings.He developed extraordinary abilities at a very early age and claimed to be the Son of God.He learned the carpentry trade of his stepfather Joseph and began his public ministry at the age of around 30.He attracted thousands of people with his special talent for performing miracles and healings. He spoke of God like no other. For about 3 years, he traveled the country with 12 disciples and women, teaching people God’s ways. The jealous elite had him crucified with falsified and fabricated accusations. Through his resurrection on the third day and the words he had spoken, Christianity was born.

His approach to his history

Jesus grew up with his stepfather Joseph and his mother Mary.At the age of twelve at the latest, he made a statement about his real father: God, the heavenly Father.His life was characterized by the tension between having a human family and at the same time being completely obedient to the heavenly Father.This repeatedly led to conflicts, which we also read about in the Gospels.His brothers and sisters rejected Jesus‘ claims.In Nazareth and elsewhere, mocking comments about his illegitimate origins circulated time and again.This is probably why Nazareth only witnessed a small number of the miracles and healings.His intimate relationship with the heavenly Father helped him to overcome all this.Jesus had a special passion for the welfare and hearts of children, the weak, the outcast and the despised.For this reason, Christians to this day are also committed to the lives of the unborn and the disabled.After Easter, his half-siblings also confessed him as the Son of God and Savior. Jesus offered all the homeless, orphans and illegitimate children a new family, of which he, Jesus, is the head.