Maria Bat Joachim

Her lifestory

Mary, according to ancient extra-biblical writings, was the daughter of Anna and Joachim. She was a teenager of about 13 or 14 when she was betrothed to Joseph from the village of Bethlehem. In the Bible, she is described as being surprised one day by a visit from an angel.He announced to her that she would become pregnant with Jesus, the Son of God and Messiah of Israel. Mary was shocked. An illegitimate child, and not even by her fiancé, would be a social catastrophe. How could this be possible? After the angel announced a miracle, she burst into praise in amazement and faith. Her future husband Joseph helped. They raised Jesus and had a house full of children. They never quite got rid of the stigma.

Before the birth

An illegitimate pregnancy is still considered a disgrace in many cultures. According to religious understanding, marriage and sexuality belong together. Depending on the society, a woman’s virginity is tested before marriage. In certain cultures, illegitimate pregnancies are punished with expulsion or even death by stoning. Honor killings are intended to erase the shame of the family. To escape this problem, young pregnant women often risk great dangers, go into hiding or travel abroad to have an abortion. Mary knew about all these things. But out of faith and confidence, she prepared herself and experienced miracle after miracle.