Leonardo Da Vinci

Life story

Although Leonardo was recognized as an illegitimate child by his prominent father, he spent his early years growing up in his grandfather’s house. He spent his early years in Florence, where his artistic talent was also recognized. He began his first apprenticeship in 1469 with the then famous sculptor Verrocchio.In 1476, an anonymous complaint of homosexual acts was filed against him. However, there was never any evidence or a verdict. From 1482, he lived and worked in Milan. There he became famous for his many inventions of all kinds.He painted pictures, but also designed machines, flying machines and weapons, and carried out medical studies that were far ahead of his time. Many of his works of art are still world-famous today. He died unmarried and without children in 1519.

His approach to his history

As a „bastard“ (illegitimate child), Leonardo had a difficult time. He felt rejected and abandoned by his parents. His only really warm family relationship was with his uncle Francesco. He seems to have filled this void with exuberant creativity, curiosity and imagination. On his deathbed, Leonardo is reported to have felt deep remorse for his unbelief and had a conversion experience. Although he created profound works of art for the church that testify to a deep spirituality, he was always sceptical of organized religion. The church also repeatedly accused him of practicing magic – which he, as a scientific thinker, deeply rejected.