Jesus Christ

Life story Jesus – Hebrew: Yeshua – was born in the year 0 or -4 depending on the calendar (this is where the Christian calendar begins) in Beth-Lehem in modern-day Israel.His parents fled with him to Egypt when the then King Herod learned that the Messiah (Redeemer) of Israel had been born and consequently had […]

Marilyn Monroe

Life story Marilyn grew up 12 days after her birth and spent the first few years in the care of the religious Bolender couple as a foster child.In 1934, she became a social orphan and gained an enthusiasm for film through the care of Grace Mc Kee.After another stay in an orphanage, she experienced sexual […]

Leonardo Da Vinci

Life story Although Leonardo was recognized as an illegitimate child by his prominent father, he spent his early years growing up in his grandfather’s house. He spent his early years in Florence, where his artistic talent was also recognized. He began his first apprenticeship in 1469 with the then famous sculptor Verrocchio.In 1476, an anonymous […]

Steve Jobs

Life story Steve was given up for adoption by his parents at birth in 1955. He grew up with Paul and Clara Jobs in San Francisco together with a younger adopted sister, Patty, in Silicon Valley. He was fascinated by electronics from an early age. He dropped out of university in 1973 and worked for […]

Sir Charles Chaplin

Life story Charles was born into abject poverty in London and grew up with his older half-brother Sidney in the streets and homes of London. Even as a child, he earned his living performing in music halls. His artistic talents soon became apparent. He became the first world-famous film star during the silent film era […]

Stephen Hawking

Life story Stephen was born in the university town of Oxford in 1942 in the middle of the Second World War. The eldest of three children, he spent his childhood and adolescence like most other children.A brilliant thinker, he was interested in astronomy and studied at Cambridge.At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with […]