Stephen Hawking

Life story Stephen was born in the university town of Oxford in 1942 in the middle of the Second World War. The eldest of three children, he spent his childhood and adolescence like most other children.A brilliant thinker, he was interested in astronomy and studied at Cambridge.At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with […]

Maria Bat Joachim

Her lifestory Mary, according to ancient extra-biblical writings, was the daughter of Anna and Joachim. She was a teenager of about 13 or 14 when she was betrothed to Joseph from the village of Bethlehem. In the Bible, she is described as being surprised one day by a visit from an angel.He announced to her […]

Gladys Pearl Baker

Her lifestory Gladys was born in Mexico in 1902, the daughter of Della and Otis Monroe. After a failed marriage, her ex-husband took her first two children to Kentucky. Gladys married a second time in 1924 and had an affair with Hollywood producer Stanley Gifford during this time. Their third child, Norma Jeane, who later […]

Caterina die Meo Lippi

Her lifestory Who Leonardo Da Vinci’s very young mother was is still disputed to this day. What is undisputed is that she was an orphan. There are currently two theories about her origins. The first theory is that she was a North African slave in the Da Vinci household. The second is that she grew […]

Joanne Carole Schieble

Her lifestory Joanne was born on August 15, 1931 in Wisconsin, USA, the daughter of Artur and Irene Ziegler. During her studies, she became friends with Abdulfattah „John“ Jandali. When she found out that she was pregnant out of wedlock, she received no support from her parents. She decided to carry her future son, Steve […]

Hannah Chaplin

Her lifestory Hannah was born in London on August 6, 1865. She lived and worked as an actress and dancer. She married the entertainer Charles Chaplin in 1885 and became the mother of the later world-famous actor and director Charlie Chaplin in 1889. Life with her husband was characterized by alcoholism, beatings, gambling debts and […]

Isobel Hawking

Her lifestory Isobel was born in Scotland on March 3, 1915, the daughter of James and Agnes Walker. She was one of the few women to study economics, politics and philosophy at Oxford. She worked for several years in jobs far below her level. She married Frank Hawking, a recognized expert in tropical medicine. In […]